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Our Vision

Experience the ultimate trophy fishing adventure with Big Bite Adventures, a premier multi-species fishing guide service based in Door County, WI but operating in the Upper Midwest region. We specialize in offering our guests the best trophy bites and devote all our time to the most pristine and productive waters, providing you with the chance to catch the biggest fish of your life. Our team of expert anglers is passionate about educating you on fish patterns, seasonal migrations, and various fishing techniques to help you become a successful angler.


We operate on some of the most renowned waters in the region, including Lake Michigan, Door County Wisconsin, The Bay of Green Bay, Lake of the Woods, Lake Superior, Mille Lacs Lake, and many other smaller water bodies. With a wide range of species such as Muskies, Walleyes, Smallmouth Bass, Trout, Salmon, and Bluegills, we guarantee an adventure you'll never forget. Book your fishing trip now with Big Bite Adventures.

Captain Spenser Samplawski
Spenser Samplawski
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About Your Guide

Captain Spenser Samplawski

Spenser is a full-time fishing guide that spends nearly every day on various bodies of water chasing fish across North America. This allows him to provide his guests with the most optimal fishing experience possible. Spenser is a young, energetic, hardworking guide with a passion for big fish. He enjoys targeting multiple species while discovering new and integrated ways to catch every species. He lives for adventure – when he is not guiding his own trips, you will find him traveling to far away, unpressured waters that hold some of the largest fish!


Spenser is a fully licensed Captain through the USCG and carries commercial insurance. 

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