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We spend our winters in beautiful sunny Florida! We spend the months of January-April here guiding for all species inshore and offshore near Marco island. January and February are primarily off shore and inshore trips, mid March to end of April are primarily all Tarpon trips with a few other inshore species mixed in. 

Please contact us if you have questions as we can answer questions a lot easier over the phone related to travel and the species you are looking to target.

Trips are primarily based out Marco Island Florida.


Tarpon are the ultimate! Truly the ultimate fish species when it comes to both saltwater and freshwater. There aren't ANY species of fish the compare, the bite, the fight, the chase, and the predatory elusiveness of these fish will completely change the way you fish! Tarpon are a species you can't describe to someone unless they have done it themselves and have felt the power and aggression these fish exhibit. We target these fish different than more other guides or anglers in SW Florida. We run 100% artificial bait trips. We will not use live bait on our trips. Once you feel the bite from a Tarpon on an artificial lure like a musky style bait, there is no way you would ever want to catch one on live bait ever again. The positive feedback we get from friends and customers about the artificial approach is what keeps us doing it day after day. All of our Tarpon trips we use musky rods and musky reels. A very fun and rewarding way to catch the ultimate fish. 


Our Tarpong trips are 10 hour trips due to the distance we have to run somedays as well as the timing somedays around the major, minor, and the tide.  

We provide everything for Tarpong Trips. 

10 Hour Tarpon rates:

2 People: $975

3 People: $1075

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Off Shore Trips

Offshore trips will have you coming back to the dock with a sore arm from reeling in fish! The offshore fishing in the Gulf is like fishing in an aquarium, very cool visuals of fish swimming around you all day and the thrill of never knowing what you are going to catch. Species vary from, Amber jacks, Cobia, African Pompano, Sharks, Yellowtail Snapper, Mangrove snapper, Mutton Snapper, Barracuda, Jack Trevally, Triple Tail, Permit, Grouper and many more. if you have have never been offshore it is truly a very unique experience. We want YOU to tell us what YOU want to catch and we will make it happen. We use both artificial and live bait on these trips and really take pride in making it as interactive and hands on as we can, we do not want this to be a "commercial charter" trip, we offer a much more one of one trip where you tell us what you want to catch! Please look at photos below of what you can expect to catch offshore!


Our Offshore trips leave the dock at 6am and we return to dock roughly at 5 pm.


We provide lunch, snacks and drinks for offshore trips.

11-12 hour Offshore Rates:

2 people: $1000

3 people: $1200

4 people $1400

Inshore Trips

Experience SW Florida amongst the mangroves and the everglades! The inshore fishing in the SW Florida is a very unique and a lot of fun! The thrill of never knowing what you may catch on every cast is what makes it so diverse. We specialize in using a lot of artificial lures on these trips using spinning rods and bait casters. The species we target on these trips are Snook, Red fish, Sea Trout, Jack Crevalle,Triple tail, Permit and even tarpon when they start to show up. Inshore fishing is a great way to get kids and families out for a relaxing morning or evening on the water. Please look at the photos below for an example of the fish we catch inshore!

Inshore trip times may fluctuate as we like to customize the time of your trip around the tide.

We provide all the tackle and gear for inshore trips. Please bring your own food and drink (alcohol is of course allowed)

6 Hour inshore rates:

2 people: $575

3 people: $675

4 people: $775

The Boat

All of our Florida trips are run out of a brand new Ranger 2660 bay boat powered by a 300hp V8 Mercury. This boat is loaded with every option we could put on it! Four 12" GPS/sonar units, radar, auto-pilot, side imaging, 360 side imaging, outriggers, twin power poles, and  sea deck on every inch of the boat. This boat is used for both offshore trips as well as inshore trips. 

This boat does have a bathroom for women

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